Are you IN TRINIDAD on vacation, business, or even a convention?

If you're visiting Trinidad or whatever reason and you want to experience the vibrancy of the island in a very fun and light atmosphere you can either choose from our tours experiences listed below, or we can help you create your own tour experience. How cool is that? So, whether you're visiting Trinidad for vacation, business, or convention we have tour experiences just for you!

Bird Sanctuary Tour

This birding tour takes you to the pristine and protected Caroni Bird Sanctuary. You will experience a guided boat tour through very serene river channels while seeing and learning about its flora and fauna. A major attraction is the Scarlet Ibis, our national bird, which comes in to roost in the glow of the evening sky. Flocks of flaming red birds are a sight to behold so make sure your cameras are ready!

  • US$ 69.00 for 1 person only

  • US$ 49.00 per person (2-6 persons)

  • Included:

    • Entrance fee to the tour

    • Guided boat tour (about 2.5 hours)

    • Experienced guide

    • Complimentary bottles of water

    • Transport to and from the bird sanctuary (from Port of Spain hotel)

  • Limit of 6 people per group

  • Days: Everyday

  • Pick up time: 3 pm

  • Total duration: 4 hrs (approx.)


Trinidad Birding Experience

This birding experience takes you to 2 beautiful birding sanctuaries in Trinidad; Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust and Caroni Bird Sanctuary!

The Wildfowl Trust is a guided walking tour on the banks of a large pond, where you will find yourself up close with a large variety of waterfowl and other free-roaming birds. It is also a rehabilitation centre for birds.

In the Caroni Bird Sanctuary you would enjoy a guided boat ride through a maze of channels where you will see wildlife and all sorts of water plants. As the sun begins to set you will witness the country's national bird, the Scarlet Ibis, coming in by the hundreds to roost; an amazing sight!

  • US$ 119.00 for 1 person only

  • US$ 89.00 each for 2 people

  • US$ 84.00 each for 3 people

  • US$ 79.00 each for 4 people

  • US$ 74.00 each for 5 people

  • US$ 69.00 each for 6 people

  • Included:

    • Entrance fees to both experiences

    • Guided walking tour (about 1.5 hours)

    • Guided boat tour (about 2.5 hours)

    • Complimentary light snack

    • Complimentary bottles of water

    • All transfers to all experiences, and pick up/drop-off at Port of Spain based hotels

  • Limit of 6 people per group

  • Days: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri

  • Pick up time: 11:30 am

  • Total duration: 7 hrs (approx.)

  • Wear comfortable shoes


Experience a part walking and part driven tour of the Caribbean city of Port of Spain, where its rich history is reflected in the daily lives of its citizens! You will see glorious architecture from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, from the days when cocoa was king! The sights and experience all highlight our city's history and its richness in diversity; both in our people and in our religious beliefs. Come experience this Caribbean city like a local!

  • US$ 59.00 for 1 person

  • US$ 39.00 per person (2-6 persons)

  • Included:

    • Pick up and return to Port of Spain hotel

    • Stops at all major sights in Port of Spain

    • Experienced guide

    • Bottled water

    • Complimentary Light snack

  • Small group experience

  • Days: Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat at 9:00 am

  • Duration: 4 hrs (approx.)



Hear some of the fascinating stories of how our religious diversity has helped us have a common identity yet define us as a country. Spend the day exploring Trinidad's very rich and diverse religious heritage and harmony with visits to the only Gothic styled church in the country which marked then end of an era, a Muslim temple which highlighted service to God by different faiths, a Christian with a pirate’s tomb, a Hindu temple built in the sea beacuse of blind faith, and a Christian church which also receives Hindu worshippers.

  • US$ 109.00 for 1 person only

  • US$ 79.00 each for 2 persons

  • US$ 74.00 each for 3 persons

  • US$ 69.00 each for 4 persons

  • US$ 64.00 each for 5 persons

  • US$ 59.00 each for 6 persons

  • Included:

    • Experienced Guide

    • Complimentary bottles of water

    • Complimentary light snack

    • All transfers to all sights, and pick up/drop-off at Port of Spain based hotels

  • Limit of 6 per group

  • Days: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat

  • Pick up time: 10:00 am

  • Total duration: 6 - 7 hours (approx.)

  • Attire note: no shorts


Beach hoping in Trinidad & tobago - Trinidad food tours


If stopping at just one beach is not enough then this is the tour for you! This beach-hop tour experience takes you on at least 3 beach stops with time to get something to eat, to relax a bit on each beach, and to take a few Instagram pics. In between the beach stops you'll be driving through little countryside villages, lush forests and scenic views of the Caribbean Sea along a hillside-hugging road. Free snacks are included to help make your experience even more fun!

  • US$ 99.00 for 1 person only

  • US$ 69.00 per person for 2 people

  • US$ 64.00 per person for 3 people

  • US$ 59.00 per person for 4 people

  • US$ 54.00 per person for 5 people

  • US$ 49.00 per person for 6 people

  • Included:

    • At least 3 beach stops

    • 1 hour relax / swim at 1 beach

    • Complimentary light snack

    • Port of Spain hotel pick up/drop off

    • Transfers to all beaches

  • Small group experience

  • Days: Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat

  • Duration 5 hrs (approx.)