Happy Faces with Trinidad Food Tours

As a child I noticed that my great aunt would share out food for everyone but she would not eat until everyone was filled, happy and satisfied. I wondered why this was until I finally asked one day. Her reply was very simple; it made her happy seeing people enjoy the meals she prepared: "happy" was the key word in her response. As a child I could not understand the concept of her response so it would be some years again, as an adult, when I would appreciate what exactly she was talking about. 

There was this pot she used for over 20 years (which I inherited after her passing, along with other cooking utensils); it was an iron pot that was very well seasoned. I used it to cook,  as an adult, and I got some compliments when I shared some of what was prepared in it. In fact, one of my favourite compliments was, "Tony, this tastes like old people food!" In Trinidad, this is a HUGE compliment. When I heard those words it was then I understood what my great aunt was trying to tell me. Since then, I have experienced the happiness she spoke of from seeing people enjoy what I cooked, while I ate after everyone else was filled, happy and satisfied. 

Now, in the case of a Trinidad food tour, it is a bit different. I do not cook the food that my guests experience but I enjoy seeing their respective reactions when they taste something which hits that particular spot, causing a smile to come to their faces. The photographs on this page celebrate that reaction, as well as, remind me of my great aunt's happiness. 

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