Trinidad Through Photos Taken During Our Food Tours

Trinidad, my birthplace and home, is not the typical Caribbean island. While we have beaches, forests, waterfalls, nightlife and so on, the presence of oil and gas has led to us not having a very strong tourism focus. As a result, you will not find many of the common tourist trappings that you will find in most of the other Caribbean islands here. The tourist setting, however, is very prevalent in our sister isle, Tobago.

As is the case in many countries, there are societal ills which exist here in Trinidad and they are displayed prominently in all forms of media. Despite our challenges, however, Trinidad is still my home which I love and I want to share some of its wonderful secrets with you, starting with its food. The photos below highlight some of the scenes while guests are on our food tours. They reflect an island which, just like the photos themselves, is non-filtered and non-pretentious. You visit Trinidad and you instantly enter its soul; no pretty facade or window dressing. I hope these images encourage you to appreciate my country for what it is so when you visit, you will feel more like a local rather than a tourist.

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"Imperfection is a form of freedom" - Anh Ngo.

Happy Faces with Trinidad Food Tours

As a child I noticed that my great aunt would share out food for everyone but she would not eat until everyone was filled, happy and satisfied. I wondered why this was until I finally asked one day. Her reply was very simple; it made her happy seeing people enjoy the meals she prepared: "happy" was the key word in her response. As a child I could not understand the concept of her response so it would be some years again, as an adult, when I would appreciate what exactly she was talking about. 

There was this pot she used for over 20 years (which I inherited after her passing, along with other cooking utensils); it was an iron pot that was very well seasoned. I used it to cook,  as an adult, and I got some compliments when I shared some of what was prepared in it. In fact, one of my favourite compliments was, "Tony, this tastes like old people food!" In Trinidad, this is a HUGE compliment. When I heard those words it was then I understood what my great aunt was trying to tell me. Since then, I have experienced the happiness she spoke of from seeing people enjoy what I cooked, while I ate after everyone else was filled, happy and satisfied. 

Now, in the case of a Trinidad food tour, it is a bit different. I do not cook the food that my guests experience but I enjoy seeing their respective reactions when they taste something which hits that particular spot, causing a smile to come to their faces. The photographs on this page celebrate that reaction, as well as, remind me of my great aunt's happiness. 

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Trinidad Food Photos

Trinidad's food is the result of 500+ years of people from all over the world migrating to our little island, starting with the indigenous tribes. Everyone brought their specialities with them with adjustments being made to reflect a palate which can truly be called our own. Food of any kind is one of the most beautiful things to look at and, in my opinion, it's beauty is surpassed only by its taste! Before eating I have always enjoyed sucking the wonderful fragrance of great smelling food through my nose, after appreciating it with my eyes, then putting it in my mouth. I think that watching my Great Aunt work her magic in the kitchen when I was small was the major influence in my love of food.

I decided to try and capture what I see in our food via photographs and share them with all of you. Through the technology available with phones and their cameras I have taken some shots of various Trinidad foods at close range so that you too can appreciate their beauty up close. When you click each item you will get a little titbit on the respective food. You can even use these photographs as a primer for when you visit Trinidad & Tobago so you will be able to call out the foods when you are holding it lovingly in your hands before tasting them. Photography via a phone happens to be one of my hobbies and I hope you enjoy these pics. If you want to learn more about any of these foods please feel free to hook up with us via our Contact Us page. You can even write to share your comments or to ask any questions. You can also visit our Home page to see a list of our available tours and make a booking. Enjoy!