A Little Something About Us

We are a fun little food tour that gives the intrepid foodie traveller a lively, enjoyable, and tasty experience in Trinidad, from a the perspective of a local. 

The concept for Trinidad Food Tours came about from two major realisations in my life; 1. I love food, especially street food, and 2. I love sharing the great tasting experience that is Trini food, especially its street food, and I thought "hey, I should share these great eats with the world!" These realisations, however, were nurtured when, as a child, I would sit in the kitchen and just watch my great aunt prepare Sunday lunch (a very popular aspect of Trini life). It was mesmerising the way she would go about preparing the ingredients, and putting them together to create wonderfully tasty memories.

Hi, my name is Anthony Luces, that's me in the pic. If you are looking for something different to do in Trinidad other than the typical sightseeing tour, you can add our food tours to your list. I am looking forward to sharing with you morsels of some of the fantastic Trini foods which we enjoy from some of my favourite spots; many of which you will not otherwise experience while visiting Trinidad since they are generally off the typical tourist routes. I also believe in the generation of greater economic benefits for local vendors in outlying host communities while, at the same time, visitors can appreciate first hand our levels of inter-cultural understanding and tolerance here in Trinidad. As such, it is more than simply about the food but also about the communal, traditional, and self-sustaining factors which make us who we are as a people.

If you need further convincing to take have a food tour experience with Trinidad Food Tours, you can read some of the reviews our great guests have given us by checking our TripAdvisor reviews in the link at the bottom of this page. We have also been featured in a couple of online blogs. Trinidad Food Tours was featured in an article about Trinidad & Tobago in Canadian Traveller online; click here to read it. We were also featured in the blog, "Something in her Ramblings". The title of the article is, "A Lesson in Liming with Trinidad Food Tours" and makes for fun reading.

It will be our pleasure to give you a food tour which will be unforgettable and one that would be bowls-full of fun. So, get your fingers tapping on your phone, tablet or computer; complete the 'Contact Us' form or click here to choose one of our food tours, book a tour, and come spend some time with us, have some good food and some laughs. Add us to your list of fun things to do in Trinidad! 

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Anthony Luces - owner & guide of trinidad food tours, trinidad & tobago